Frequently Asked Questions

Why was™ created?
Our goal is to introduce talented screenwriters to people who can put their stories on screen.

What do screenwriters say about™?

How can™ promote my screenplay?
Getting your screenplay displayed on™ is an excellent way to get your screenplay seen every day. We'll create a webpage dedicated to showcasing just your screenplay.
Submit your screenplay now.

Can I promote my screenplay on™ without uploading my script?
Yes, you can choose whether or not your screenplay files are viewable.
We give you the flexibility to display as much or as little as you want on your webpages.

Can I use the™ screenwriter promotion service without signing up for a subscription?
Yes, we also offer a pay-as-you-go option where you can pay one month at a time. If you like the service and wish to continue after that month, you can renew by purchasing another pay-as-you-go month or by signing up for a subscription from your writer dashboard.

How do I spot a scam?
Anyone asking you to pay money to represent you or to produce your screenplay is a scam-artist. Do not send them money. The money should be paid to you, not the other way around. If you encounter any scam-artist from responding to a message posted on our Film Industry News page, please report it to us and we will immediately remove their posting from our site.

I don't have a finished screenplay, but I have a story idea. Can I still use your service to promote my story?
Yes. Even if you just have a logline or a story concept, you can still use our service to promotion your story.

I've written a novel, and I'd like to get it made into a movie. Can I use your service to promote my novel?
Yes. You can use our service to promote your novel or any other form of written work.

How do I convert my screenplay from Microsoft Word (.doc) format to Plain Text (.txt) or Rich Text Format (.rtf)?

How do I convert my screenplay from Final Draft format to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Plain Text (.txt) or Rich Text Format (.rtf)?

Why don't you accept screenplays in Microsoft Word (.doc) format?
This restriction is for both our security and the security of visitors to our website. Some Microsoft Word documents can contain viruses, so we don't want to take any chances.

Do I need JavaScript enabled to use Screenwriter Showcase?
Some features of our site require JavaScript to function properly. If you find a page isn't working, you may need to enable JavaScript in your browser settings.

What are sponsored results?
Sponsored results are paid ad links to third party websites offering products or services that match the search keywords you entered. These third party websites are not owned by™. Sponsored results display at the top of search results within the pink box.

How do I cancel my member subscription?
Click here to cancel your subscription.

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